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A message from the founder

Hello!! My name is Asha Scott, the founder of Her-Homes Housing. Giving God all the honor for being blessed with such a vision!! Being in position to help many girls and young women thrive and become great people is humbling and very rewarding. Im so excited to build a community of girls growing into women who will be whole, prosperous and productive beings in our world. Engaging and educating them on all aspects of life skills, education, real estate, mental health, child care, career goals, health and wellness and stable housing. HER-Homes is a 32 month program that upon completion girls would obtained a substantial career path, permanent housing, savings, and a life long set of resources to grant them peace and good measures in life. Between the ages of 22-28 years old, I faced many adversities with homelessness, having stable employment, mental health and making many mistakes looking for answers to my problems in all the wrong places. I gave my life back to christ at 29 years old and God turn my life around for better. I founded Divas Build Futures Inc, to provide life skills, mentorship and to aid girls with the resources needed to conquer life's challenges, overcome them and win.  Staying pillow to post, I knew it was time for me to make serious changes in my life and be obedient to what God have for me. It was programs like Divas Build Futures Inc & HER-Homes that saved my life. I am confident that many MANY more lives will be saved and changed because of this program. Her-Homes is an enrichment program that will bridge the gap and break many generational curses that have had holds on our youth's mental health, and have created poverty stricken lifestyles and tore down families. God is using me to educate our youth with my gifts, wisdom and life experiences by creating programs that will help our youth stay on the right track and become strong pillars in our community . HER Homes is not just a transitional housing community but a community where girls are going to: H.eal from adversities and life challenges. Be apart of an E.mpowering community building strong foundations and relationships.R.estoring & building lives with strong core values and queendom principles. Thank you for joining the journey, to many this may be an act of kindness but to many girls and women its a fresh start to a better life. Her-Homes will be a life changing opportunity of a lifetime. Welcome Home

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